La Chirichota It is a group comic-musical which is born in the Canary Islands in mid-2022.

In an unexpected turn, the great classical composers have decided "rise from their graves and face the current musical panorama. The cast of THE CHIRICHOTA, embodied in Beethoven, Vivaldi, Schubert, Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky....tired of the monotonous rhythms of trap and reggaeton, they have returned to bring order and remind us of the greatness of timeless music.

Humor, irony and social analysis are the pillars of this group.
 Víctor Lemes, a singer-songwriter with experience in this type of format, has been joined by people from the world of the stage, such as Dani Rodríguez (writer and theater director), Juan Dávila (singer and composer), Dany Quevedo (comedian)Abraham Santacruz (actor), and Alberto Vila (Multi-instrumentalist).

With a surprising reception on his debut with all his performances sold out, his impact crossed the borders of the archipelago after some of his interventions went viral in 2023.

Biografía del artista



Music has undergone a very scandalous evolution.

Trap and reggaeton have been dominating the charts and radio waves for years, and their serious, recognizable rhythms have made some people “turn in their graves.”

Beethoven, Vivaldi, Schubert, Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky,…
The authors of humanity's most timeless compositions have been forced to return from their (deserved) eternal rest and work overtime.

A repertoire full of irony and references to current musical culture that also contains seasoning in pieces intended for other current themes.


Victor Lemes
Prestigious composer and founder of La Chirichota. He studied chirigotas at the Cádiz Tancia University. We could say a lot of good things about him, but we can't think of any right now.                                                         

Dani Rodriguez
Double pivot by nature. Addicted to playing all styles, including carnival, which will demonstrate, once again, that if he sets his mind to it he can fail in any area of life. Drink Coca-Cola.                                                   

Juan Davila                                                
We had to have at least one singer and we couldn't choose someone better. Given this, Dávila, without being from Ávila, gives life with gifts in each eager note. We hope that others do not sing louder than him.                                        

Dany Quevedo                                            
Once upon a time there was a man attached to a kazoo. Always in the shadow of his ancestor, now he has to demonstrate that genetics is a treacherous creature. A carnival elf who has come to the planet to transmit his spirit.                                       

Abraham Santacruz                                              
Actor, singer, improviser, funny, committed, dedicated,... Perfect if he weren't a Virgo and if he weren't obsessed with pompoms. There will be many opportunities for you to open the doors of your hearts to Abraham.  

Alberto Vila                                     
Multi instrumentalist, multifaceted and multiple of three. His favorite constellation is Bossa Mayor. Tricolor Karate belt (with seven green stars), so maybe it hits the flamenco box that becomes flamenco and…

La Chirichota “The Classics are back”
Prince Victoria Theater Barcelona 07/20/24 

STRAD The rebel violinist
Galileo Galilei Madrid 09/29/24

Jorge Bedoya “The Hands”
Cartuja Center Seville 11/23/24 

Jorge Bedoya “The Hands”
La Cochera Cabaret Málaga 11/24/24