Maureen Choi She is a unique, magnetic violinist, who, equipped with an enviable technique, is capable of hypnotizing the audience. 

Maureen Choi She is a unique, magnetic violinist, who, equipped with an enviable technique, is capable of hypnotizing the audience with the sensitivity that emanates from her violin.

Listening to it live is something difficult to forget.

From a Korean family and born in the United States, she graduated in classical violin from Michigan State University and jazz from Berklee College, where she is now also a professor.

He formed his quartet in 2012 upon arriving in Spain and since then they have won international jazz competitions and toured stages and festivals throughout Spain and the United States. In 2016 they presented their second album Ida y Vuelta (2015) in the prestigious AIEnRuta-Jazz cycle, and in the largest music market in the world, the South by Southwest Festival in Austin (Texas).

“Not everything is invented in music. This group led by the almost legendary and very young violinist Maureen Choi, offers us a luxurious mix of jazz, flamenco, folk, Latin songs…, with a common denominator to everything, beyond its originality: its quality.”
(Larry Harlow, Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award)

In 2017 they played throughout Spain, and filled the Café Central in Madrid for the fourth consecutive year, just before embarking on their second tour of the United States: 10 concerts that took them to cities such as Chicago, Cleveland, Akron, Detroit, Baltimore , Boston and New York and will end with the recording of his new album. In this new work, Choi delves with his band even further into Spanish music, between flamenco, Spanish classical and folklore, to once again create very personal music, full of emotion and originality.

In July 2017 they presented a new show with the music of Maureen Choi Quartet and the choreographies of two of the solo dancers of the National Ballet of Spain that premiered at the Castillo de Tiedra (Valladolid) and that unites Spanish dance with the improvisation of the jazz world.

Biografía del artista

  • DANCE with Maureen Choi (TEASER)

    DANCE with Maureen Choi (TEASER)



    Since she was little, dance and dancing were always present in her life. Maureen Choi. He grew up dancing ballet with the same intensity with which he studied the violin, and later discovered the emotions of dancing tango and salsa, which put him in contact with Latin music. The influence of different dance styles has always been present in his compositions, from flamenco, Spanish ballet, tango or Venezuelan joropo.

    Since he lives in Spain, Maureen has worked with dancers National Ballet of Spain, creating the video clip for his first album “Ida y Vuelta”, as well as a show that mixed jazz, flamenco and ballet that ran for four months at the Teatro Arlequín on Gran Vía in Madrid. Also other dance companies, such as ““Rajatabla Dance” They have used their music for their shows; and currently, Maureen is part of the dance company of Rocio Molina (Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts and Silver Lion Award for Dance at the Venice Biennale 2022), with whom he is on tour with his show “Carnation.”

    This new project is inspired by composers such as Falla, Albéniz, Bizet or Tchaikovsky, but also by folk dance, jazz and flamenco. It seeks to establish and explore the links between music and dance, and the live connection between dancers and musicians, through improvisation and expression beyond musical styles and genres.

    Cast of musicians

    Maureen Choi violin
    Mario Carrillo · double bass
    Michael Olivera · drums
    Daniel García piano
    In this format it is also accompanied by percussion, guitar and dance

    La Chirichota “The Classics are back”
    Prince Victoria Theater Barcelona 07/20/24 

    STRAD The rebel violinist
    Galileo Galilei Madrid 09/29/24

    Jorge Bedoya “The Hands”
    Cartuja Center Seville 11/23/24 

    Jorge Bedoya “The Hands”
    La Cochera Cabaret Málaga 11/24/24