Jorge Bedoya

pandora's piano

Pianist and Composer

Jorge Bedoya He is a pianist, composer and actor, born in 1986 in Oviedo.
From a very young age his vocation for the piano was clear. He began his studies at the age of 10 in the Amaniel Professional Conservatory of Music and since then he hasn't stopped clicking the keys.

He combined his musical studies with those of interpretation, graduating from the Royal Higher School of Dramatic Art of Madrid

Jorge Bedoya, is an artist multidisciplinary who has developed a unique concept, thanks to his virtuosity on the piano and the perfect combination with humor notes Between piece and piece, it creates a unique experience, leaving the audience amazed and generating a special connection with the public.

Jorge Bedoya, has given hundreds of concerts in Spain and has had the opportunity to show his works in different places around the world such as Portugal, Dublin, Cuba or New York.

Biografía del artista


    Jorge Bedoya presents the PANDORA PIANO, his new show will be full of surprises. 

    It's not just a piano... it's not just a concert... it's not just some hands... you have to see it...




    In a secret corner of time, Pandora, the mystery box, has been opened. But instead of releasing evils and misfortunes, it has unleashed a symphony of emotions and heavenly notes. The pianist, composer, actor and comedian Jorge Bedoya He invites us on an unforgettable journey through the keys of his piano.

    PANDORA'S PIANO It is a spectacle that transcends the boundaries of the earthly. What can you expect?

    Enchanted Notes: Jorge Bedoya, with his expert hands, extracts melodies that seem woven by the gods. Each note is a secret revealed, a door to the unknown.
    Unique Compositions: Original parts Bedoya They transport us to imaginary worlds. From the melancholy of the moon to the passion of a racing heart, his piano is a portal to pure emotion.
    Intense Performance: Like actor, Bedoya Not only does he play the piano, but he also tells us stories. His words intertwine with the notes, creating a multi-sensory experience.

    It's not just a piano...It's not just a concert...It's not just some hands...

    His previous show “LAS MANOS” is recommended by the Spanish Theater Network in it Catalog #28 of Music 2023 and is currently on tour in Theater Networks of the Community of Madrid, Castilla y León, Castilla la Mancha and Aragón.


    Jorge Bedoya "Pandora's Piano"Cervantes Auditorium · Hoyo de Manzanares · Madrid1724457600 24/08/2024
    Jorge Bedoya "The Hands"Latorre Theater · Toro1728590400 10/10/2024
    Jorge Bedoya "Pandora's Piano"The Alamo · Madrid1729368000 19/10/2024
    Jorge Bedoya "The Hands"Adolfo Marsillach Municipal Auditorium Theater · San Sebastián de los Reyes1731265200 10/11/2024
    Jorge Bedoya "The Hands"House of Arts · Laguna de Duero1732305600 22/11/2024
    Jorge Bedoya "The Hands"Cartuja Center · Seville1732392000 23/11/2024
    Jorge Bedoya "The Hands"Cabaret Garage · Málaga1732471200 24/11/2024
    Jorge Bedoya "Pandora's Piano"Buero Vallejo Municipal Theater · Alcorcón1732996800 30/11/2024
    Jorge Bedoya "The Hands"Palacio Cibeles Auditorium · Madrid1733342400 04/12/2024
    Jorge Bedoya "The Hands"Chapí Theater · Villena1733428800 05/12/2024
    Jorge Bedoya "The Hands"Sarabia Theater Carrión de los Condes1733601600 07/12/2024
    • December 17 – CaixaBank Príncipe Pio Grand Theater – Madrid
    • December 16 – Juan Pascual de Mena Auditorium Theater – Villaseca de la Sagra – Toledo
    • December 9 – La Cigüeñas Municipal Theater – Manzanares Hole – Madrid
    • December 2 – El Cerro Cultural Center – Moral of the Middle – Madrid
    • December 1st – Giralt Laporta House of Culture – Valdemorillo – Madrid
    • November 26 – Cultural Hall – Llanos del Caudillo – Ciudad Real (Ticket sale in the library)
    • November 25 – Salamanca High School
    • November 23 – Main Theater – Palencia
    • November 22th – Plaza Zocodover Pianos – Toledo City Council
    • November 19th – Buero Vallejo Theater – Guadalajara
    • October 28 – Francisco González House of Culture – Morata de Tajuña – Madrid
    • October 21 – Las Catalinas Municipal Theater – The Alamo – Madrid
    • October 20 – Cervantes Hall Theater – Alcala de Henares – Madrid
    • October 15th – CaixaBank Principe Pio Grand Theater – Madrid
    • October 6 – House of Culture – Aranda de Duero – Burgos
    • October 7 – PianoCraft San Sebastián de los Reyes – Entre Pianos Festival
    • October 1st – Casas-Ibáñez Theater – Albacete
    • September, 10th – CaixaBank Principe Pio Grand Theater – Madrid
    • August 11 – Doña Berenguela Castle – Bolaños de Calatrava – Ciudad Real
    • July 22 – Patio of the “Mariano Mesonada” Cultural Center – Utebo – Zaragoza
    • July 16th – CaixaBank Principe Pio Grand Theater – Madrid
    • July 13 – “La Almazara” Tourist and Cultural Center – Illescas – Toledo
    • July 9th – Paco Rabal Theater – Madrid
    • June 22nd – Private event – Illunion Atrium Hotel – Madrid
    • June 17 – Cafe Berlin – Madrid
    • June 14th – Private event – Albarrán Gallery Madrid
    • May 20th – Collado Mediano Municipal Theater – Madrid
    • May 4th – Romea Murcia Theater
    • April 27 – Gran CaixaBank Príncipe Pio Madrid
    • 23 of March – Gran CaixaBank Príncipe Pio Madrid
    • March 12 – Altxerri Room San Sebastián
    • March 11th – Campos Elíseos Theater in Bilbao (Dome Room
    • March 10th – Kultur Etxea Hondarribia – Guipúzcoa
    • February 25 – Barbastro Congress Center Auditorium – Huesca
    • 23 of February – Gran CaixaBank Príncipe Pio – Madrid
    • January 31 – Gran CaixaBank Príncipe Pio – Madrid
    • December 27 – Gran CaixaBank Príncipe Pio – Madrid

    La Chirichota “The Classics are back”
    Prince Victoria Theater Barcelona 07/20/24 

    STRAD The rebel violinist
    Galileo Galilei Madrid 09/29/24

    Jorge Bedoya “The Hands”
    Cartuja Center Seville 11/23/24 

    Jorge Bedoya “The Hands”
    La Cochera Cabaret Málaga 11/24/24